Our approach blurs the lines between strategic partner, award winning creative resource and business development enabler.

In addition to developing creative content, we also have practical experience in building and managing international brands, management consulting at the international level, successfully launching new brands in different industries, as well as in corporate law.

Whether it is a start up business or iconic global retailer,

one thread that runs through all of our work is that we come to the table with bold, innovative ideas, and the ability to put an effective team around their execution no matter the channel, geography or industry.

Our wide and extensive international network guarantees our clients that we will be in a unique position to open doors and access powerful partners in the entertainment, fashion, beauty, media and digital industries, among others. We create teams from Montreal, NYC, Toronto and Los Angeles that are best suited to a specific brand and we drive the strategy, vision and messaging centrally.

Our close ties with financial partners, such as venture capital and private equity, allows us to explore financing options on behalf of our clients. We also frequently participate as equity partners with many of our start up brand partners.

We believe in challenging our clients to push farther than they are used to

all the while being very conscious of what it is like to manage a brand from the other side of the table. From budgets to complicated internal structures, we have lived that life and so we understand how things get done. This is one of the reasons we are often called to act as a sounding board for many new business initiatives.

We are believers that great marketing and branding work need not be propped up by massive research projects. Our approach is to get a quick understanding of your business, its objectives, important trends and the competitive universe, and then launch into developing masterful work. 

Creative or strategic services need to work at the same pace as business. Today it is all about speed. Deliberate, smart and quick is “where it’s at”. 

Our relations run deep with partners and their brands become ours. We generally don’t pitch much business as most of our work comes from word of mouth and because it is the quality and impact and not the quantity of the work that matters to us, truly.