We specialize in helping businesses with the following three growth opportunities:

Brand Incubation (Inventing)

HOPPENHEIM&CO. develops start-up concepts and works with businesses aiming to launch brands. In some instances, our involvement goes beyond branding, marketing and design and we become more intimately associated with the operational, business development and financing aspects of the new brand.

Brand Acceleration (Getting to the next level)

HOPPENHEIM&CO. is often asked to work with clients trying to get to the next level. At times this means helping them take a step backwards to better understand their unique essence and position them for growth. Other times, it is looking ahead and capturing growth opportunities through communications, creative, strategy or business development and international expansion.

Brand Transformation (Re-Inventing)

Great brands live through cycles. At times they need to be re-invented and other times they simply need to shift gears and evolve. HOPPENHEIM& CO., through private equity clients or directly with a business, specializes in rethinking a brand’s life-cycle and offering compelling ways of re-emerging stronger than ever.


Our services are best characterized as a combination of top tier business strategy consultancy and cutting edge creative shop. We are comfortable working with private equity firms, family businesses, publicly traded companies and entrepreneurs. Some of our services include:

  • Breakthrough (big) idea generation
  • New concept development (turnkey, from idea to execution)
  • Business strategy (growth, structuring)
  • Brand Identity
  • Creative services including advertising and design
  • Communications services including public relations, entertainment relations and media strategy
  • Digital services including web design, social media strategy, mobile marketing
  • Content development (digital, television, copy)
  • Cause marketing including campaigns, strategic partnerships, non-profit branding
  • Product development
  • Strategic alliance building
  • Business development and deal making through a network of world-renowned influencers
  • Capital contribution and investment