HOPPENHEIM&CO. is all about a new way of constructing an agency.

We believe that breakthrough ideas are driven by bright, passionate, and inspired people who want to find creative ways of doing things differently.

We believe that brands today require strategic partners that move at the speed of business-fast and opportunistically.

Our vision

is to continuously drive for ideas that give brands the room to breakthrough in a very cluttered world.

Our tendency is to be bold, at times contrarian, forward thinking and at all costs original. We feel deeply that any other way becomes a risky proposition for our client partners.

Our approach

blurs the lines between strategic partner, award winning creative resource and business development enabler. In addition to developing creative content at an international level, we also have practical experience in building and managing international brands, management consulting at the international level, successfully launching new brands in different industries, as well as in corporate law.

We have worked with some of the greatest photographers in the world, such as Peter Lindbergh, Terry Richardson, Miles Aldridge and Jean-Baptiste Mondino just as we have pushed local talent to their full potential. We create teams from Montreal, NYC, Toronto and Los Angeles that are best suited to a specific brand and we drive the messaging and output centrally.

Our wide and extensive international network guarantees our clients that we will be in a unique position to open doors and access powerful partners in the entertainment, fashion, beauty, media and digital industries, among others. Our close ties with financial partners, such as venture capital and private equity, allows us to explore financing options on behalf of our clients as well. Often, we will take equity positions with some of our early phase entrepreneurial brand partners.